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no girls allowed

no girls allowed
the friendliest cat in the world

Cordelia adopted us a few years ago. She was feral and even had a nick taken out of her ear to indicated she'd been caught-and-spayed at one point, but she was hungry.

When she came to us she was in poor health. So skinny she basically wasn't there, her hair all matted and falling out. So I, being a softie, started feeding her. And then she loved me. And then she loved everyone.

And now she spends the nights in our basement. And during cold storms she spends her days in there too. She wants to come inside with us, and is constantly trying to insinuate her way in.

But she can't come inside because our pre-existing cat, Olive, and she do not get along.

But Cordelia deserves a home where she'll be allowed to come inside and snuggle on the couch while she watches a movie with her family. So we've been looking for a good, loving home for her.

pre-existing kitties

My aunt's cat, Jack, died a few months ago, so we've been trying to convince her to take Cordelia. She's met her and loved how boisterously friendly Cordelia is.

But yesterday we got a group text from her (to the entire extended family) introducing us to her new cat, Simon.

And my wife turns to me and says "I know what it is."

"What do you mean?"

"Has anyone in your extended family, other than us, ever had a female pet?"

And my mind was blown. I count ~12 dogs and 3 cats. Not a single female among them. My family only ever has boy animals.

I distinctly remember my mother refusing to get the friendly girl hamster and instead insisting on the male hamster (who was a real biter) because she didn't want a girl. I had forgotten that.

But now I can't unsee it and I don't know what to think of it. Are they threatened by having another girl in the house, even if it's a cat or a dog? I honestly can't explain it, but it's also 100% the reason Cordelia is still in need of a home.

All this is to say: if you know anyone in the Portland, OR area who wants a wonderful, sweet, friendly, loving cat - let me know please. Cordelia deserves a good family.

tell her it's okay to be a girl