hi, I'm dave.

hi, I'm dave.
i live, and garden, here with my family

I'm a father and a husband, a passionate gardener and a lover of compost. I think it's important to speak for the trees - whatever happens to them will happen to us.

I like to read with a cup of coffee, watch movies with my children (we have three), split firewood in the cold, and plant fruit/nut trees. I write code for a living now, but I spent over a decade of my life as a US Navy SEAL Officer. My wife and I homeschool, but probably not for the reasons you think.

This blog will come in two parts:
- There will be longer, more polished poasts about things I've been thinking about a great deal
- There will also be a short Daily Poast.

I will be writing about all the things one might expect, having read the sentences above. But I'm also going to be intentionally unfocused. Some blogs and writers have a really tight focus to facilitate branding and growth. I will not be doing this, because I'm not writing here for those reasons.

I'm writing this blog because I might die before my kids are grown, and I want to leave them something of me.

I'm writing this blog because I've found forcing myself to write about things forces me to use my mind. In fact when I'm not writing about things, I feel I stop thinking entirely. It makes me see things differently - makes me a better version of myself.

And with Twitter's vibe changing in ways I do not love, it's time I started exorcising those demons here instead of there.

Warning: There will be profanity.

Most of you will have found me via Twitter, but if not, come say hi before the babyman burns it to the ground!

Get in touch: dave@aspiringpeasant.com