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I got banned from twitter for mentioning the bible

i really don't get it
I got banned from twitter for mentioning the bible
oh so it's still 'twitter' in your broke-ass gibberish system back here

Update: Twitter reviewed my actions and decided the below tweet did, in fact, break its rules. Repping the King James Version of The Bible is violent speech? I don't see how that is, but I guess this is how twitter works/doesn't now 🤷🏼‍♂️

Original Poast:
I was gonna write something else entirely tonight, but Twitter just did something real dumb that stole my focus.

I just got banned for tweeting this:

"King James Version For Life" - Twitter: THAT'S VIOLENT SPEECH YOU ARE BANNED

'King James Version For Life' is now considered 'violent speech' by the platform owned by a self-proclaimed free-speech absolutist. Absolutely fucking right 🤣

Here's the context:

real good tweeting by nathan - please let him know since i fucking can't?

My appeal (I'm sure they'll get right on it):

lol this appeal was apparently denied already

"We are reviewing a high volume of requests...blah blah...longer than normal"

Most likely answer is they updated their TOS and didn't test the new quality/content filter they dropped the ball on because Elon fucking fired all the people who did that stuff.

Really seems like I pissed somebody off and I don't really get it.